We Craft
High End Modular
Hi-Fi Racks in Melbourne

  • Unmatched style, performance & flexibility
  • 100% Australian made in Melbourne
  • Up to six levels of vibration isolation
  • Solid aluminium cross-brace
  • Customisable shelf heights
  • Impeccable fit and finish

So how do the SGR racks fit in relative to the higher-profile competition from overseas suppliers? I’ll tell you where. These racks are as well built as the very best available from anywhere. They compete with the bees knees of audio rack systems.

Edgar Kramer - Editor In Chief, SoundStage! Australia

Investment was made into the SGR factory which would allow every process to be manufactured in-house. And we really do mean everything.

Marc Rushton - Publisher, StereoNET

Award Winning Design

The SGR collection of hi-fi equipment racks is not only remarkably flexible and effective; it also represent a perfect example of the "form follows function" philosophy without compromising aesthetics, fitting seamlessly into any interior.

Three versions of the Statement Rack


Equipment platforms

  • Three series available; Statement, Symphony & Signature
  • Constrained layer damped sandwich construction for maximum energy absorption and vibration suppression.
  • CNC machined Corian™ energy sink inserts provide additional isolation and absorption

Adjustable isolator options

  • Custom made visco-elastic silicon based isolators convert vibrations to heat
  • Optimal damping properties with adjustable placement to account for off-set equipment center of gravity
  • POM plastic isolator option for maximum rigidity

Solid aluminium cross-brace construction

  • Precision machined aluminium cross-brace
  • Perfectly finished and anodised

Customisable uprights

  • Available in various sizes, allowing for different equipment heights
  • Filled with 100% crushed quartz crystal to remove the adverse vibration effects of hollow cylinders

6 Degrees of Isolation

Over many years of research and development, and countless design iterations, SGR has consistently found new ways to isolate vibrations and dissipate energy whilst still maintaining visual elegance and style.

Learn more about isolation