Model I Signature

Model I Signature - affordable innovation in classic style

Model I Signature Hi-Fi Equipment Rack

An entreé into design and performance excellence

Awaken your passion for hi-fi rack technology with the timeless style and effective performance of our Model I Signature. Providing a tantalising taste of SGR Audio’s prodigious design and exceptional engineering capabilities, the Model I Signature is our entry level equipment rack solution at a surprisingly affordable price point.

Showcasing our commitment to impeccable fit and finishing, the Model I Signature features solid aluminium corner posts, stunningly veneered platforms and CNC-machined stainless steel spikes between levels.

Isolation Features

One Layer:

Vibrations are capably dealt with through precision machine steel spikes in our entry level Model I Signature. These spikes minimise the surface area of contact points, protecting your sound against disruptive vibrations from the floor.

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Rack Isolation Technologies

Stainless Steel Spikes

Component Finishes:


The Signature Style veneers are manufactured from sustainably managed forests. Being engineered veneers, as opposed to natural veneers, they ensure batch consistency in both colour and pattern, allowing us to provide an excellent match should you choose to expand your rack in the future.

Nordic Ash Veneer
Black Graphite Veneer


Our ingenious seven step anodising process evolved from three years of intense development and ensures a flawless set of posts. Our top caps and spikes are machined from marine-grade stainless steel.

Silver Gloss Aluminium Posts & Stainless Steel Spikes
Stainless Steel Top Caps

Model I Signature Dimensions:

Overall Footprint:

Width: 63cm
Depth: 45cm
Upright Diameter: 37.5mm
Internal Clearance: 50cm

Side View
Front View

Shelf Dimensions:

Width: 63cm
Depth: 45cm
Thickness: 25mm

Shelf Clearance:

Equipment Clearance:

4RU: 175mm
6RU: 265mm

Overall Shelf Height:

4RU: 200mm
6RU: 290mm

Bottom Shelf:

Spikes: 63mm

Adding up each desired overall shelf height (RU) will give the overall height of the rack.

For example: Bottom Shelf (63mm) + 6RU (290mm) + 4RU (200mm) + 4RU (200mm) = 75.3cm total rack height.