Signature Model I

Signature Model I

The Signature Model I is our entry level equipment rack solution. Featuring two layers of isolation thanks to its solid aluminium corner posts and CNC-machined stainless steel spikes between levels, the Signature Model I provides a taste of SGR Audio’s prodigious design and engineering capabilities at a more affordable price point.

Price: AUD $795 / Level

Isolation Features

Two Levels:

Signature Model 1 contains two levels of isolation and is an entry level rack for solid state systems.

We will continue to trickle-down more levels of isolation using exotic materials and cutting edge technologies from our Statement Series.

Learn more:
Rack Isolation Technologies

Steel Spikes
Solid Aluminium Posts
We believe in trickle-down technology.

Pioneered in our high end flagship rack, we then refine our processes to make new isolation features available in our high-performance and entry level ranges.

Component Finishes:

We are currently finalising our range of finishes for the Signature Model 1.

Signature Model I Dimensions:

Overall Footprint:

Width: 63cm
Depth: 45cm
Upright Diameter: 37.5mm
Internal Clearance: 50cm

Side View
Front View

Shelf Dimensions:

Width: 63cm
Usable Width: 50cm
Depth: 45cm
Thickness: 25mm

Shelf Clearance:

Equipment Clearance:

4RU: 175mm
6RU: 265mm

Overall Shelf Height:

4RU: 200mm
6RU: 290mm

Bottom Shelf:

Spikes: 63mm

Adding up each desired overall shelf height (RU) will give the overall height of the rack.

For example: Bottom Shelf (63mm) + 6RU (290mm) + 4RU (200mm) + 4RU (200mm) = 75.3cm total rack height.