Symphony Model III

The Symphony Model III is the perfect high-performance hi-fi rack for solid state equipment.

Symphony Model III is the modular rack standard for solid state

If your audio system comprises solid state electronics and you aren’t yet invested in the world of vinyl playback then our Symphony Model III equipment rack is the ideal foundation for extracting even more performance from your equipment.

Equally kind to your eyes as well as your ears, the Symphony Model III uses three levels of SGR Audio’s isolation technology to deal with high frequency vibrational energy. Constrained-layer-damped shelves are sandwiched between crushed quartz-filled corner posts which rigidly couple to the floor via our CNC-machined stainless adjustable steel spikes.

Isolation Features

Three Levels:

Signature Model III contains three levels of isolation. It provides exceptional levels of refinement and high performance.

We will continue to uncover more levels of isolation using exotic materials and cutting edge technologies.

Learn more:
Rack Isolation Technologies

Adjustable Steel Spikes
Crushed Quartz Filled Posts
Constrained Layer Damping

Component Finishes

Aluminium Anodising:

Our seven step process is the result of three years of intense research and development to create a world-class result.

Silver Gloss
Black Gloss

Standard Combinations:

Our standard combinations have been tastefully chosen to create an elegant stage for your treasured equipment to rest.


White & Silver Gloss

Black & Silver Gloss


Symphony Model III Dimensions:

Overall Footprint:

Width: 69cm
Depth: 49cm
Upright Diameter: 50mm
Internal Clearance: 55cm

Side View
Front View

Shelf Dimensions:

Width: 69cm
Usable Width: 65cm
Depth: 49cm
Usable Depth: 46cm
Thickness: 27mm

Shelf Clearance:

Equipment Clearance:

3RU: 146mm
4RU: 191mm
5RU: 236mm
6RU: 281mm
7RU: 326mm

Overall Shelf Height:

3RU: 173mm
4RU: 218mm
5RU: 263mm
6RU: 308mm
7RU: 353mm

Bottom Shelf:

Adjustable Spikes: 90mm

Ball-race Levellers: 80mm

Adding up each desired overall shelf height (RU) will give the overall height of the rack.

For example: Bottom Shelf with Spikes (90mm) + 6RU (308mm) + 3RU (173mm) + 3RU (173mm) = 74.4cm total rack height.