Model V Symphony

Exudes contemporary elegance,
remarkable modularity and superior ability

Model V Symphony Hi-Fi Equipment Rack

Exceeds expectations

Another superb example of SGR Audio’s exemplary commitment to innovation, the Model V Symphony encompasses five elements of SGR Audio’s isolation technology. This feat of engineering provides a supremely calm platform for greatly enhancing musical clarity from your turntable, optical disc transport or vacuum tube electronics, far beyond your wildest imagination.

There is no finer example of SGR Audio’s ability to blend high end concepts and components into a popular and relevant aesthetic. The Model V Symphony’s impeccable surface finish captivates your eye while its powerfully clarifying impact on the music mesmerises your ears.

Model V Symphony Amplifier Stand

Typical high end audiophile amplifiers tend to be very large and very heavy. For this reason they often find themselves on the floor, a location plagued by massive amounts of vibrational energy from loudspeakers.

To provide the optimum supporting environment for your amplifier, be it vacuum tube or transistor-based, we have adapted the technology from our Model V Symphony Hi-Fi Rack to create a companion amplifier stand.

Isolation Features

Adjustable Steel Spikes

Crushed Quartz-Filled Posts

CNC Machined Cross-braces

Purpose Made Silicon Isolators

Constrained Layer Damping

Five Layers

Experience unbelievable precision, accuracy and clarity with our multi-layered isolation technology. From the precision machined adjustable feet and quartz-filled posts to the uniquely isolated, cross-braced construction, the integrity of your sound will be protected against disruptive and unwanted interference.

Learn more:
Rack Isolation Technologies

Component Finishes

Paint Finishes:

Our products are meticulously finished in our professional, onsite spray painting facilities.

White Satin Paint

Black Satin Paint

Aluminium Anodising:

Our ingenious seven step process evolved from three years of intense development and ensures a flawless result.

Silver Gloss Anodising

Black Gloss Anodising

Optional Upgrades:

Further enhance your listening experience with our additional upgrades.

Ball-race Leveller

Enables friction reduced height adjustment due to a hidden internal stainless steel structure housing a rotary thrust bearing. Recommended for hard surface floors.

Heavy Duty Cross-brace

The heavy duty cross-brace provides maximum rigidity and is recommended for shelf loads of more than 45kg.

Additional Isolator Sets

A set of four isolators can be added to the cross-brace to accomodate an additional 15kg of load. Up to three additional sets can be added.

Extended Top Shelf

The extended top shelf creates an expansive equipment surface, perfect for larger turntables and equipment bigger than standard.

Model V Symphony Dimensions:

Overall Footprint:

Width: 68cm
Width (no cable hooks): 65cm
Depth: 53cm
Upright Diameter: 50mm
Internal Clearance: 55cm

Side View

Front View

Shelf Dimensions:


Width: 54cm
Usable Width: 48cm

Thickness: 27mm


Width: 69cm
Usable Width: 63cm
Depth: 53cm
Thickness: 27mm

Standard Shelf

Extended Top Shelf

Shelf Clearance:

Equipment Clearance:

2RU: 90mm
3RU: 135mm
4RU: 180mm
5RU: 225mm
6RU: 270mm

Overall Shelf Height:

2RU: 154mm
3RU: 199mm
4RU: 244mm
5RU: 289mm
6RU: 334mm

Bottom Shelf:

Adjustable Spikes: 125mm

Ball-race Levellers: 115mm

Adding up each overall shelf height (RU) will give the total rack height

For example: Bottom Shelf with Spikes (125mm) + 4RU (244mm) + 2RU (154mm) + 2RU (154mm) = 677mm total rack height.


Heavy Duty:
156mm diameter

Heavy Duty Clearance:
4mm less than standard equipment clearance.

Heavy Duty Cross-brace recommended for equipment over 45kg.

Standard Cross-brace

Standard cross-brace supplied with rack shelf.

Heavy Duty Cross-brace

Additional cost for heavy duty cross-brace.

Isolator Shelf Loading:

Set of 4:
15kg loading

Set of 8:
30kg loading

Set of 12:
45kg loading

Heavy Duty Cross-brace recommended over 45kg.

Set of 16:
60kg loading

Single Set

Set of four supplied as standard.

Full Set

Additional cost for each set of four.