Isolation Technology

Over many years of research and development and countless design iterations, SGR has consistently found new ways to isolate vibrations from the rack feet to the turn-table and transport.

Energy Sink Isolation Pads

The CNC milled and veneered Corian™ stone provides the final level of vibration isolation for the equipment surface

Constrained Layered Damping

The platform has a further level of isolation with an extruded polymer mat sandwiched between precision routed wooden composite layers.

Purpose Made Silicon Isolators

When you sit your prized equipment on each level, expect to feel a little give, as the silicon isolators kick in to provide the most exceptional level of isolation in our modular racking system.

Available in Black or White


Our CNC machined cross-braces provide an exceptionally stable and rigid surface for each platform to rest upon while isolation pads further reduce vibration distortion through the posts.

Crushed Quartz Filled Posts

Crushed quartz crystal filled posts add weight and rigidity to dampen unwanted frequencies.

Stainless Steel Feet

Our spikes and ball-race levelers provide exceptional fine adjustment and leveling options for a variety of carpeted and hard floor surfaces.