SGR Hi-Fi Rack Pricing Australia

MSRP prices are in $AUD and do not include GST

Give your cherished audio equipment the phenomenal home it
deserves and be blown away by the purity of sound.

Model V Signature

$3,000/ level

Model V Symphony

$3,000/ level

Model V Statement

$4,800/ level

Model III Signature

$1,800/ level

Model III Symphony

$1,800/ level

Technology Features

Designed for a specific purpose, each model has a unique package of
inclusions which can be further tailored to your requirements.

Features: Model III Model V Model V Statement
Layers of isolation 3 5 6
Rigid construction
Suspended construction
Weight loading per level (kg) 40 60 60
Loading with heavy duty cross-brace (kg) N/A 100kg/ level 100kg/ level
Constrained layer damping
Adjustable spikes
Ball-race leveller upgrade available
Silicon isolators  
CNC machined cross-brace  
Heavy duty cross-brace upgrade available  
Cable management hooks  
Corian™ isolation pads    
Price $1,800/ level $3,000 / level $4,800 / level

Colours, Materials & Finishes

Experience our impeccably accurate design, exotic materials and
flawless finish. We engineer exquisite masterpieces.

Finishes Signature Style Symphony Style Statement Style
Veneer finishes 4 veneer options N/A N/A
Premium satin finish N/A Black or White Black or White
Standard aluminium anodising 7 step process 7 step process N/A
Premium Micro-Pearl anodising (Upgrade available) (Upgrade available) 13 step process
Veneered Corian™ isolation pads

Walnut Burl
or Quilted Maple

Price $1,800 – $3,000 / Level $1,800 – $3,000 / Level $4,800/ Level

Accessories & Upgrades

Take perfection to the next level with our optional extras.

Accessories Model III Model V
Extra isolator sets N/A $270 (4pcs)
Micro-Pearl Upgrade $400 $600
Ball-race leveller upgrade $320 (4pcs) $320 (4pcs)
Heavy duty
cross-brace upgrade
N/A $420 (1pc)
Signature extended
top shelf upgrade
N/A $400 (1pc)
Symphony extended
top shelf upgrade
N/A $400 (1pc)
Statement extended
top shelf upgrade
N/A $800 (1pc)